Building Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Properties

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Avoid costly problems and unhappy customers by maintaining your commercial building regularly. But where do you start? The potential list of ‘what ifs’ can be daunting, but by utilizing our commercial building maintenance checklist each season, you can stay on top of it.
Professional Gardener at Work
Professional Gardener at Work

Spring Building Maintenance Checklist

  • To begin, inspect your commercial HVAC units and service them if needed.
    • Ensure you replace HVAC filters
  • Clean, add or maintain your landscaping
    • Schedule regular lawn care
    • Mulch and plant if needed
    • Clean away winter debris
  • Setting up or inspect a watering schedule to keep your exterior green and thriving
  • Setting up regular pressure washing and sweeping for your parking lots, sidewalks, or parking garages
  • Tending to your buildings hardscaping
    • Check for potholes, cracks in the cement, or crumbling retaining walls
  • Inspecting outdoor lighting
Roof and Gutters Cleaning
Roof and Gutters Cleaning

A Checklist for Summer Maintenance

  • Start with Inspecting your building roof for damage.
    • Clean roof debris
    • Clear gutters and ensure proper drainage.
  • Checking and taking preventative measures against erosion.
  • Exterior cosmetic inspections.
    • Check for peeling paint.
    • Fix storm damage.
    • Check for building rot or rust.
  • Inspecting parking lots for signs of damage.
  • Scheduling a regular cleaning of trash, recycling, and shipping areas.
Sealing parking lot cracks

Maintaining Your Building in the Fall

  • Inspect and service boilers and furnaces.
  • Winterizing the exterior of your building.
    • Winterize irrigation lines.
    • Check windows for proper insulation.
    • Seal parking lot cracks.
  • Inspecting plumbing for cracks to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Raking leaves and trimming hedges.
Plow removing snow from a property after a blizzard

Winter Building Maintenance Checklist

  • Hire a snow removal and salting service.
  • Prepare interior.
    • Prepare break rooms, common areas, and bathrooms for higher traffic.
    • Ensure electrical is functioning properly.
  • Remove or take preventive measures against pests.
  • Have fire extinguishers, alarms, and safety mechanisms inspected.
  • Inspect doors for proper latches and insulation.
  • Replace interior light bulbs if needed.
Man installing commercial security systems

Year-round Maintenance

A seasonal building maintenance checklist is a great start, but there are things you should constantly keep an eye on or hire scheduled assistance for. 

  • Replacing all interior and exterior lights that may have burned out.
  • Scheduling both lawn care and snow care in advance.
  • Scheduling regular cleaning.
  • Removing potential tripping hazards such as cracks in cement, water from busted pipes, or objects in walkways.
  • Keep an eye on door latches, locks, and security cameras.
  • Replenishing first aid kits as needed.

In conclusion, taking preventive measures against potential costly problems will ensure that your commercial property is taken care of year-round. Use this building maintenance checklist as a guide or call us today and ask us how we can help!

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