Property Maintenance by ALFF Construction – A Family Business

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Built on a bedrock of small-town principles and bolstered through countless years of achievement in our area of expertise, we here at ALFF Construction believe that choosing people over profit is most important.

What began as a humble landscaping and construction company over 20 years ago in Iowa, has now become a nationwide family business operating in all 50 states. Since then, we have expanded our services to full-service property maintenance. We are proud of where we are, but we will never forget where we came from. ALFF was a family business then—and it’s a family business now. President, Scott Alff, operates the business with his son, Austin Alff as COO.

What Does A Property Maintenance Company Do?

A great property maintenance company will take care of you and your business. We do that by maintaining, inspecting, and repairing every single aspect of your facility. Moreover, at ALFF Construction, we offer services such as landscaping, snow removal, street sweeping, pressure washing and emergency support.

What We Stand For

As one of America’s premier maintenance specialists, ALFF Construction takes pride in your facility. Because of this, we promote our core principle of treating clients to prompt service and receiving in return customer loyalty. With ALFF you are truly family, and we are here to help you with all of your property maintenance needs.

There is A LOT that goes into commercial maintenance and hiring a tried and true professional is a great way to minimize risk, and maximize peace of mind. For property owners and investors, it’s important that they know that their property maintenance partners have their best interests at heart—and never cut corners.

Our Reputation

At ALFF Construction, we’ve built our reputation on dedication to our clients. That reputation is what has helped us grow over the last 20 years, and we don’t plan on changing that.

There is a level of trust that a property maintenance company and a property owner must have. We ensure we build and keep our partner’s trust throughout the entire life cycle of our business relationship.

Facilities Maintenance Team

We Provide Full-Service Property Maintenance Solutions.

Exterior Services

Interior Services

Emergency Maintenance

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