Commercial Snow Removal – How To Safeguard Your Business in Winter

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Snow and ice storms are extremely dangerous and can severely impact a business's ability to operate. Whether we like it or not, several inches of snow should be expected during the winter season, and it's best to be prepared.

Business owners and commercial property managers have a lot on their plate. It’s a busy job, with a lot of moving parts! For many, by the time they realize that they should have hired a professional ice and snow removal company, it’s too late- the storm is already upon us. Let the rest of this season, all of next season, and every season after that be stress and snow free!

ALFF Construction has been in the snow removal business for a long time. Although we’re headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, we serve satisfied commercial snow removal clients across the country! Our clients and their customers’ safety is our top priority in the process of commercial ice and snow removal.

Our Commercial Snow Removal Services:


If the areas in front of the building or the parking lot are covered in snow and ice, it can affect your customers or building occupants’ ability to enter the premises safely. Due to this, we make certain that your property is snow and ice free throughout the day with our removal services. No matter what the winter weather throws at you, we have your back!


We ensure that your entire property is free of all weather remnants—including the walkway all the way up to your front door. Because of this, shoveling should not be overlooked, as it is an essential part of keeping your property safe for occupants and customers alike.


As many businesses are aware, ice can pose the BIGGEST safety and liability risk to your business in the winter. By removing ice from your sidewalks and parking lots, we can severely reduce the risk of slips and falls. ALFF Construction is one of the top service providers for snow and ice removal in more than 30 states across the country!


There is no better preventative measure to stop ice threatening your property than the process of pre-salting. There is also no better way to prevent re-freezing than salt application. Salting is essential to keep all surfaces free of ice and safe to walk on. Whether snow, sleet, or slush—salting should always be considered your first priority to prevent injury.


Whether it’s a massive snow dump, or you don’t have space for the excess snow collecting in drifts along the edges of your parking lot—ALFF offers premier snow hauling services. We haul the snow away from your property making your property look like the snowstorm never happened.

Businesses and Properties We Proudly Serve

  • Commercial properties
  • Corporate offices
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial properties
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools and educational facilities

Safety is Your Top Priority—That’s Why We Make It Ours

Quality snow removal services are a major consideration for business owners. Not only does snow and ice create a problem with clients trying to access businesses, but it also poses a major safety risk, and therefore liability concerns to property owners. At ALFF, we ensure we minimize any safety risk by completely removing any snow, ice, or debris that may come with winter storms.

Unbeatable Commercial Snow Removal Services

What sets us apart in the snow removal industry is our keen attention to detail. We pride ourselves on dedication to always being meticulously thorough in every project we take on. We secure every detail to ensure your business is accessible, no matter how bad the storm may be.

Quality Customer Service and Superior Commercial Snow Removal You Can Depend On

You want your snow removal company to be dependable. When there’s a storm coming, you can rest easy knowing ALFF Construction is right by your side. We take pride in delivering spectacular and reliable snow removal services. Our company believes that snow removal can’t wait— especially when you’re trying to run a business. The moment the first flake hits the ground, ALFF is on the way.

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We’d love to hear how we can serve you. ALFF’s commercial snow removal service refuses to be beat! Contact us to learn more.

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