Best Property Cleaning Services to Consider in the Spring

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Spring is here! After the snow melts away, cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your commercial property may be on your mind. But where does one even start?

Street sweeping, portering, and power washing are a few property cleaning services that will keep your commercial property looking its best and ready for the warmer months.

#1 – Street and Parking Lot Sweeping 

Sweeping your parking garages or parking lots may be the last thing you think of when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your commercial building, but it is actually a critically important part of your company’s first impression.

A clean and well-kept parking space speaks to your company’s willingness to be thorough. Removing debris from your entrance will produce an attractive aesthetic experience but will also clear tripping hazards, obstacles for vehicles, and litter from the environment.

Property cleaning services are crucial all year long, but is especially crucial during the spring. After a winter of snow, ice, and salt, your parking lots are in desperate need of a little TLC.

The salt which is responsible for preventing icing in your parking lot and the debris which collects over a long winter, can both be extremely dangerous to parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks, and even customer vehicles.
Avoid a spring filled with rubble and salt by scheduling a regular cleaning service from our expert street sweeping team.

Pro Tip: How To Pick The Best Street Sweeper Truck? 

Picking the right sweeper is just as important as the sweeping itself– and not all sweepers are created equal.

ALFF Construction’s Osprey Nighthawk Street Sweepers will provide superior property cleaning services in countless different ways.

The Nighthawk is the only sweeper able to fit inside a low-hanging parking garage. Its revolutionary design easily weaves through tight spaces making sure your entire parking garage (corners and all!) receives the best possible cleaning.

The size is ideal for all spaces, and its customized brushes can reach curbs, parking blocks, and other tough-to-reach areas. This guarantees a complete and comprehensive scouring of your lot.

Noise is another factor that plays a big role in choosing the sweeper you need, and your neighbors will certainly appreciate your attention to it! 

Street sweeping can be a noisy and unsightly job. With our Nighthawk sweepers, it’s a totally new experience. 

The Nighthawk street sweepers are practically silent. This provides you with the option to perform sweeping overnight. No noise, no trucks, and by morning, your parking lots or garages will be freshly swept and ready for another day. 

#2 – Portering 

Another point to consider adding to your list of property cleaning services is “portering”.

Portering removes all litter, debris, trash, and other items cluttering your property. When you show up for work, you may notice leftover packing materials from shipments, littered wrappers from other residents of the area, or maybe even things that have escaped the garbage overnight.

Porters ensure that your space remains clean and beautiful. It gives you the peace of mind that all operations are running as they should and that materials are being disposed of as they should

A perfect example of the benefits of portering: loading docks are magnets for runaway trash and debris. From packing materials like boxes, wrapping, and stuffing, to shipping materials such as pallets and stickers, receiving new shipments can be a messy and time-consuming process for your team. 

All materials that have gone astray will be disposed of by qualified experts, and your commercial property will continue to make a good impression. When you show up for your day at work, your experience, as well as your customers’, is that it should be clean and well-kept.

Hazardous materials are nothing to play around with. That’s why here at ALFF Construction, we have trained professionals ready to dispose of hazardous material, in compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. 

Roof and Gutters Cleaning
Roof and Gutters Cleaning

#3 – Commercial Pressure Washing 

Keeping things picked up and dusted off is an important part of cleanliness. However, what use is it to continue cleaning the surface of an area that has collected dirt and other undesirable material for decades? Regular pressure washing (also known as power washing) will keep that everyday dirt, grime, gum, graffiti, and more at bay, giving you a satisfyingly deep clean. 

Pressure washing improves more than your property’s surface-level appearance. It also helps you avoid corrosion and other harmful degradation. Dirt, grime, and animal droppings left unwashed over time can create an expensive and dangerous problem. If you want to avoid this issue altogether, you should be scheduling regular pressure washing for your exterior.

Power washing makes your facility safer. Specifically, if your commercial property is in an industrial area, harmful chemicals can and do escape often. Consistent power washing will ensure that these chemicals are cleaned away- this is extremely beneficial to your property’s exterior and occupants. 

Why Alff Construction Pressure Washing is Best for Property Cleaning Services

Not only do we wash away impurities… we collect them.

Pressure washing your building exterior may leave your facility looking beautiful, but where does all that grime go? It doesn’t just disappear. Unfortunately, if residual impurities are not washed and collected, it causes damage and harm to the environment down the road. This surface runoff can even seep into the sewage system. 

Everything we pressure wash away is collected in a state-of-the-art disposal tank. All of that terrible grime, disgusting dirt, and dirty oil is washed from your property and immediately rehomed into an environmentally-conscious tank by ALFF Construction’s pressure washing crews. Once we collect it, we bring the waste material to a safe location in order to dispose of it properly, in accordance with state and federal law. No mess for you, no mess for your customers, and no mess for the environment!

Our power washing services align with more than just our values. We deeply respect and diligently comply with all environmental laws in every state we service. We guarantee to provide the best, safest, and most law-abiding service available and are able to provide this service in ALL fifty states.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash? 

There are several options for you and your business. Pressure washing is necessary for an overall professional look and should be completed regularly. How often you will require servicing entirely depends on your commercial property.

On-demand power washing is a good option for facilities that see a lower traffic flow. Whenever there is a massive storm or a person vandalizes your property with graffiti, a one-time deep clean may be all you need. Each power wash will leave your facility sparkling like new until the need for cleaning arises again.

Seasonal pressure washing is a great option for those who see a medium amount of foot or vehicle traffic. A seasonal power wash will clean away debris collected between seasons, such as leaves and foliage in the fall, or salt and rubble from the winter. This will leave your facility feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever each new season brings.

A regular pressure wash is for a property that sees consistent traffic. Facilities that receive weekly shipments, daily customers, and a constant stream of vehicles should schedule a regular power washing service for the best results.

How To Find The Right Property Cleaning Service? 

ALFF Construction is committed to keeping your property safe, clean, and functioning properly. Contact us today for a quote!

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