Parking Lot Repair – 5 Most Common Problems After Winter

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When winter comes to an end, it is time to inspect your company’s parking lot. for damage and clean up any salt residue, pebbles and debris hidden by the snow.

Every year, thousands of accidents happen in parking lots resulting in losses of millions to businesses. These workplace accidents arise from neglecting parking lot repair such as potholes, poorly maintained traffic markings, and other hazards. In fact, statistics show that 20% of all motor vehicle accidents take place in parking lots.

Lawsuits are not the only risk that should encourage you to maintain a clean and safe environment for your customers to park their vehicles. Your business’s reputation could also be at stake with the parking lot providing the first impression for many potential customers. By nature, people often tend to judge a book by its cover. You do not want a parking lot filled with debris and damage to be the face of your business. Ask yourself this question: why should potential clients trust you if you are negligent in taking care of your own property?

If any of the following issues appear in your parking lot, you may need an immediate assessment of your parking lot’s asphalt and pavement

Below are Some of the Most Common Parking Lot Repair Issues Following Winter:

1. Parking Lot Frost Heave Repair

Frost heave is a common phenomenon that occurs as a result of water penetrating through asphalt cracks, into the soil, and then turning to ice. When the temperature begins to rise again, the ice that has accumulated under the asphalt starts to melt, causing new cracks and widening of the existing cracks on the surface above. Never delay when sealing cracks as they are very likely to cause major damage during the winter season.   

2. Cleaning Parking Lot Debris and Salt Residue 

After the snow has melted when the temperature rises, hidden debris and deicer residue is left behind. The sand and salt left behind are generally not suitable for reuse as it contains contaminants such as salt, litter, dirt, and oil from vehicles. The salt and other snow-melting agents need to be dealt with in a safe and eco-friendly manner using parking lot sweeping, power washing, or a combination of the two.

3. Repairing Faded Parking Lot Striping 

While rock salt is a powerful de-icing agent, it is also a corrosive element that causes parking lot stripes and pavement signs to fade. These markings are crucial safety instructions for motorists and pedestrians alike. Their disappearance could result in accidents and subject you to costly lawsuits.

Furthermore, a retouch of the white and yellow parking lot striping will make your parking lot look nice and organized. Customers confused by traffic lines could develop a negative first impression of your business before they even step inside.

4. Seal Coating Your Parking Lot

What is seal coating? Sealcoating is the application of a liquid from bituminous-based products or acrylics to protect the surface of asphalt in parking lots, doorways, and pavements against water, oils, and ultraviolet (UV) damage. While this outer layer is not permanent, inexperienced snowplow drivers can scrape it off more quickly by setting the blade too low. In normal circumstances, sealcoating renewal every two or three years is imperative to extend the life of your asphalt


5. Parking Lot Structural Problems

While most post-winter parking lot damages are usually minor that require only preventative maintenance repairs, long-term neglect and extreme weather conditions can lead to the major destruction of asphalt and concrete such that it may require replacement.

Repairing parking lot damages must not be delayed as they could cause serious liability concerns for your business in the long run. As a preventative measure, we recommend continued maintenance of your parking lot including sealing small cracks and leveling uneven surfaces to prevent water accumulation.  

What Companies Handle This?

At ALFF Construction we have more than 20 years of outdoor service success. We have completed over 30,000 projects in more than 30 states across the United States including parking lot repairs and maintenance, landscaping, and more!

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